Jacob Wheels is the official JMS Podcast Film Critic.  He reviews films and lets us know what is worth seeing in theaters or at home or no where at all! 

He is officially the best Film Critic in San Jose.


Ryan Sudhakaran is the JMS Podcast go to expert in the fields of Science and Technology. He tackles the latest developments and issues of the future. Is there hope for the future or only a cloud of doom in the horizon?

Chase Daugherty is the JMS Podcast Pop Culture expert as he keeps in touch with trends and all things going viral in the internet. He is always keeping a finger on the pulse of social media while keeping a down to earth perspective. 

Miranda Caravahlo is the JMS Podcast Art world liaison.  She navigates through several Galleries, Exhibitions, and Installations in the underbelly of the Art scene to show us its many faces of expression and beauty. 

Sonya Herrera and Darrin Webster are a dynamic duo with experience in local journalism and business circles which serves useful in their mission to highlight local business shakers and movers and any other prospects that has. or potentially, impact the Community.

Esther Young is the Official Music Critic for the JMS Podcast. She is truly passionate about the craft of songwriting and  always eager to discover new sounds. This segment will concentrate on Vinyl albums from the past  to today and from the popular to the obscure.